18th Century Vocabulary

alienated - to transfer property

conjuror - person who is believed to heal through magical powers 

cooper  - person who makes orrepairs wooden casks, kegs or tubs

cravat  - a piece of cloth worn around the neck, forerunner of a man's necktie

dependency  - an outbuilding on a plantation, such as a stable,
                                    used to support work on the farm


encouragement - Jefferson's term for rewarding slaves for 

glazier - a trade involving cutting and fitting glass

gratuity - a small sum of money given in return for service, a tip

indenture - a document executed in duplicate, two parts laid together so the notches (indents) corresponded; a legal contract

"in the ground" -  field hands, both men and women, who worked the farm as opposed to house servants

joiner  - a carpenter who does interior finish work, such as moldings and cornices

landau - a four wheeled closed coach whose top might be opened

looking glass - a mirror 

"makes market" - refers to selling goods, such  as produce and fish; a way for slaves to make some money of their own

manservant  - a male servant responsible for the personal needs of his master, such as food and clothing

moiety - a half share

mulatto - light brown in color, a person of both white and black ancestry

overseer - a person who supervises the work of others

prize - to compress tobacco into a hogshead

trephine - a circular handsaw used to remove a circular piece of bone, often used to relieve pressure on the brain